Are you thinking about venturing into the world of online gambling but you are not willing to risk your own real money in the process? Well, worry no more. There’s another way to try out online betting without actually using your own money to do it. You’ve probably heard the terms ‘Free Spins’ and ‘Free Spins No Deposit’ being thrown around casinos and betting websites but never really quite understood how it all works. Well, be ready to be enlightened.

What’s A Free Spin?

A free spin is the opportunity to spin the reels in an online slots game without having to pay for it. That’s the most basic definition of the term. If you have a free spin in a particular game, no deductions will be made to your account balance when you click ‘Spin.’ Many casino games have a free spin offer but that isn’t the focus of this article. Today, we’ll be looking at the free spins that casinos credit to player accounts.

A free spin is a bonus offered by the casino to give a player the chance to play a game without making a deposit or try a new game for free. Don’t worry, as a player, you still have the opportunity to make real money without risking real money in the first place. You can cash out your winnings or use the money to play other games that require a deposit. Free spins give the player a chance to try the games at a new casino and make some money in the process.

Types of Free Spins

There are two types of free spins: ‘Free Spins’ that you’ll frequently hear about and the ‘No Deposit Free Spins.’ What exactly is the difference between these two? Well, casinos typically require a given amount of deposit to give free spins. For instance, ‘deposit £50 and get 500 free spins’ is an example of a ‘Free Spins’ offer. You must deposit the £50 to play the free spins.

Free Spins No Deposit, on the other hand, are 100 percent free. You will not be required to make any deposits to play your free spin. In most cases, Free Spins No Deposit offers are used as a bonus to welcome new plays. The only requirement is for you to sign up a new player account with the online casino and you’re good to go. Some online casinos use Free Spins No Deposit bonuses to reward loyal customers.

Do I Get the Real Money Winnings from Free Spins in My Account?

Yes. All the winnings that come from ‘Free Spin No Deposit’ spins will be credited to your account. However, in some cases, these winnings are subject to terms and conditions and you may not be able to withdraw the money as you wish. For instance, the real money winnings from free spins may be subject to certain betting requirements. Also, Free Spins No Deposit offers may be limited to certain games.